Treat yourself to ROSE BUTTER!

Make yourself some rose butter!


Have you ever thought of eating your butter with the added magic of roses inside it? I learnt how to make this scented butter when I read The Edible Ornamental Garden by John E. Bryan & Coralie Castle!


They tell you to layer softened butter and chopped rose petals in a container. Cover and refrigerate one week or more! You can do this with other edible flowers like marigolds, geraniums etc.!


To make rose flower sugar: Pound sugar and minced scented rose petals in a mortar. Cover and let stand one week. Sift if desired, and store in an airtight container! It is too easy to be true! But it works and the sugar tastes delicious.


Remember to use only enamel, glass or steel containers and wooden spoons when cooking flowers.


To deep fry roses: dip the rose petals in batter and deep fry in corn or peanut oil until golden. Drain and sprinkle with sugar or melted butter!


Use only organic roses which have not been sprayed with pesticides or wash them thoroughly before use.

To make rose honey: chop fresh or crush dried petals or herbs and add them to a jar of mild honey. Cover the jar, place in boiling water and bubble for 30 minutes. Remove from water and cool. Store for a week before using!

pics: daksha


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