Rose hips and Hibiscus tea



Rosehip tea is good for digestion, soothes an irritated colon and has a good effect on circulation problems. Both hibiscus tea and rose hips strengthen the walls of the capillaries and increase the elasticity of the arteries, says the book Kitchen Pharmacy by Rose Elliot and Carlo de Paoli.

They say that in areas of the Sudan where people drink a lot of hibiscus tea, the incidence of cancer is much lower than average.


Hibiscus and rose hips should be taken in tea. They come in tea bags in healthfood stores or as loose tea from herbalists. In Italy you can buy dried whole hibiscus flowers and you can add 2-3 to a cupful of boiled water.


You can make these teas in summer, cool them and add sliced fruit such as strawberries, raspberries or peaches. You can chill them and then enjoy them.


Herbs like mint, cloves or cinnamon will also enhance the taste. Cinnamon too is very good for treating a cold.




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