Roses love old fashioned helpers!

An old fashioned way to get rid of green flies from roses!


Traditional methods still work well, when trying to get rid of pests that attack roses!


Roses love soil that has been enriched with organic matter and they adore bright sunlight. Fork over the ground and then dig in some well-rotted farmyard manure. After you plant your rose a shallow depression firmed into the soil around the stem will direct water straight to the roots.


Try this old remedy against greenfly: sprinkle rose bushes with equal quantities of sulphur and tobacco dust while the plants are wet with dew. After a couple of days spray the bushes with a decoction of elder leaves to keep flies away.


Elder leaves have insect-deterrent properties which is why they are placed under baskets containing strawberries and blackberries.


Spraying with a sulphur solution helps to control fungal diseases. In the 1930’s aphid brushes were used. They had a pair of soft brushes joined by a steel bow and were used to sweep the rose bud free of insects! (Good Housekeeping: Traditional Gardening Hints & Tips.)


Pics: daksha



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