Try some Rose Batter for Flowery Fritters!

How to make Rose Batter for dipping or fritters


In blender mix:

One fourth pint flat beer, white wine, milk, coconut milk, or milk in which roses or other flowers or herbs have been infused. This recipe works for roses as well as other edible flowers like geraniums and violets.


2 eggs

5 ounces unbleached flour

one teaspoon baking powder

half teaspoon sugar

one fourth teaspoon salt

Cover and refrigerate for two hours.

Dip rose petals in batter and deep fry in corn or peanut oil until golden. Drain and sprinkle with sugar or melted butter.

To make flower fritters add as many flowers or petals to batter as it will hold.

From: The Edible Ornamental Garden by John E. Bryan & Coralie Castle

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For growing healthy roses: plant parsley around them. Mignonette is another companion plant which roses like. It makes a low ground cover and border plant for rose beds and at the same time benefits the roses. Roses also do well around the lupine which helps increase the soil nitrogen and lures earthworms, say Helen Philbrick and Richard Gregg in their book Companion Plants and how to use them.



Pics: daksha


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