Strawberry Rose Ice for Dessert?

Try out this delicious rose ice for dessert that I learnt from a lovely book called The Edible Ornamental Garden by John E. Bryan & Coralie Castle.



In a blender puree:

2 cups sliced strawberries

half cup rose sugar

one teaspoon rose water.


Blend in until smooth.

three fourth pint plain yoghurt

Pour into ice tray and freeze until almost frozen. Then transfer to deep bowl and beat over ice until smooth. Fold in:

one stiffly beaten egg white.

Freeze only until firm but not solid and serve scoops with fruit salad or as dessert garnished with: whole strawberries, mint sprigs.

serves 8.


How to make rose sugar: Pound sugar and minced rose petals in a mortar. Cover and let stand one week. Sift and store in a airtight container.




pics: daksha



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