The Rose Bowl offers garlic for sore throat!

The Rose Bowl for health recommends garlic for a sore throat!


Parsley planted around roses keeps them safe from some kinds of pests. But I did not know that parsley can also help us to treat boils, for coughing, for halitosis and for indigestion!


Plain old parsley is very good for treating a boil, says the Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Natural Home Remedies. It says the most popular herbs for treating boils is parsley, plantain, comfrey, crushed flaxseed and peach leaves. Steep one or more of the above herbs, in some boiled water until they become soft and juicy. When just warm apply the herbs to the boil and wrap with some clean linen or muslin.


You can also apply poultices of crushed raw potato or mashed up roasted onions.

Parsley, friend of the rose is also good for curing bad breath! But an even simpler method is to take a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water until it forms a thin paste. Clean your teeth gums and tongue with this mixture, then rinse your mouth nicely!

Vinegar that most of us use in Chinese fried rice or for cleaning up the bathroom and kitchen sinks, is also good for treating sore throat! This book tells us to mix one fourth cup of vinegar in one cup of water. Then add a dash of black pepper, and a sprinkle of salt. Warm this mix and gargle!


Another very odd remedy is to eat raw garlic for sore throat! It works wonders for one person who recommends it in this very interesting book!



pics and text: daksha






Pics and text: daksha

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