Nail Polish for your Rose? Really?!!

Nail Polish for your roses? Really?


If the rose could talk when you offered it some nail polish it would scoff at you. The prettiest flower in the world needs no beauty treatment!


But nail polish may be the best friend for your roses when they are attacked by borers which leave holes in the plant and kill any new growth! This advice comes from one of the world’s most widely read books – Rodale’s All New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening.


It says to prune off damaged canes and seal the ends with putty, paraffin or nail polish!


  1. I . Rodale started Rodale Press in 1930 in the back room of the family’s electrical switch factory in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. In 1942 he started a controversial magazine which aimed to teach people how to grow healthy food by making sure the soil was healthy and free of chemicals.


Organic Gardening Magazine is now the most widely read magazine in America. Rodale was obsessed with preventive health care. He wondered why we depend on medicine for cures, when we can develop systematic ways of preventing illness and disease?

So naturally this encyclopedia also tells us to buy healthy disease resistant roses and to continuously destroy diseased leaves, petals, canes, etc. and clear out the areas around the rose bushes. Other organic gardeners repeatedly tell us to plant garlic, chives, onions around the rose plants and also put banana peels under the soil for healthier roses!


Pics and text: daksha



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