Have a fragrant rose scented bath everyday!

You can make yourself a delightful rose scented bath!


Many organic gardens like to use this safe and simple method for shooing aphids off their roses. They make this mild spray of soapy water or detergent water: an egg cup full of soft green soap or mild detergent to 9 litres or two gallons of water. They spray it at least once or twice a week on the rose plant and more if it rains and washes away the spray.


How to have a lovely rose scented bath: for a sweet and fragrant bath take a large number of rose flowers, and add rose geranium, lavender, peppermint, rosemary leaves for additional scent, strips of fresh lemon and orange peel. Mix the ingredients, crush them slightly to help release the scent.

Put this mixture in the center of a piece of clean muslin cloth about 9 inches square. Bring the edges of the muslin together to form a sack around the mixture and secure it with a string or a rubber band.

Now hang this floral and herbal bag from the bathtub tap. Using hotter water than usual, let it run over the bag as you fill your tub! Then drop the bag in the middle of the filled tub and let it steep for five minutes or till the water has cooled enough for use.

While you soak and bathe, you can leave the bag in the tub!

albert 577.jpg

This is a lovely, inexpensive home made magical way to have a gloriously fragrant and energetic bath!


Pics and text: daksha

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