Gardening tips from the HAPPY ROSE

The Happy Rose Gardening tips


Here are some healthy organic gardening tips from the Happy Rose!


  1. Do not throw away soapsuds and ashes – they come in handy as they are both good as manure for the young plants and bushes in your garden.
  2. To get rid of greenflies that sprout up underneath leaves and young shoots, spray the whole plant twice a week with a weak solution of soap=flakes. Also grow garlic among the plants that attract greenflies and keep cutting the shoots when the garlic starts sprouting.
  3. joyred2.jpg
  4. To get rid of red spider mites which cause leaves to turn yellow brown and brittle, spray the plant with water, which is their strongest enemy!
  5. When you plant potatoes, cut them in two, to get more of them. Ensure that each half has healthy shoots, and each half will give you a brand new potato! Imagine the number of potato chips or salads you can enjoy!
  6. Marigold petals can be used instead of saffron to colour food. They also have a light, delicate flavor. The petals can be used fresh or dried in soupls, salads, fried rice, curries etc.
  7. If you want to get rid of a mole visiting the garden drop a few mothballs in the molehill and it will soon depart.



Pics and text: Daksha


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