Rose Pills for constipation!

Rose pills for constipation?


Roes have been used as medicine from very ancient times. Dioscorides who compiled his famous Herbal in the first century AD already knew about the value of rose hips (the fruit of the rose) having more vitamin C content than oranges!

Dioscorides recommends this strange rose recipe for women: dried balls of rose mixture should be worn around their necks instead of necklaces, to remove unsanitary smells of sweat!


These rose balls should also be applied after bathing to make women smell sweet and fresh!


But in India some herbalists recommend rose pills for treating constipation! For making the pills tale five parts of rose buds, 5 parts senna (Kasunda) leaves, pulp of Cassia fistula – 40) three parts and harda (chebulic myrobalan – 136) five parts. Grind all these together and make pea sized pills. Take one pill before sleeping!


Pics and text: daksha

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