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Are people out there still declawing their cats?!!!



One of the creepiest human habits still alive and well in a cat’s world is that many women still remove our claws to protect their furniture! It is a ghastly, cruel and unfair thing to do.


According to the Cats Protection League which brought out this marvelous book called A Passion for Cats will tell you that a cat’s claws are not only vital for its tree-climbing ability, they are also its main means of defence.


We need our claws to protect ourselves. When we sharpen our claws we are actually cleaning them to remove the loose bits of the outer shell of the claw. To declaw us is inhuman and cruel. Now a majority of veterinary surgeons in Britain would refuse to declaw a cat to please the owner. Even if only our front claws are removed we are left virtually defenceless. There is also the risk of post-operative complications. How would it feel if someone removed your finger nails? Or toe nails?


Instead, you can provide us with a nice scratching post. I am very happy with a cardboard box to scratch my claws with, even a sturdy trunk of a tree would do very well! We won’t even complain if you give us an offcut of a thick carpet! You can fasten it to a wall or tie it tightly around a convenient table leg.


But please please please do not declaw us. It is better that you don’t get yourself a cat, if you want to deprive it of its vital function of keeping itself safe against dangers.




Pics and text: daksha

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