The rose page for secret Catnip Treats!



Your cat may not like you to know this at all, because catnip is primarily meant to make your feline totally crazy. He or she will roll over and over on the floor, rub up against the catnip leaf, toy or dry treat, in a frenzy of joy.

But here are ways in which catnip can help humans as well! According to The Rodale Herb Book, catnip tea helps us to digest a very heavy meal. It can be garnished with a slice of lemon. At the risk of offending our cats, we can even make catnip candied leaves by sprinkling raw sugar on catnip leaves, coated with a glaze of equal parts of egg white and lemon juice, mixed gently. They can be eaten after drying them for a day or two.


Sweetened with honey, catnip tea is used by many herbalists as an ancient cough remedy! It is supposed to help in breaking a fever, to encourage free perspiration and to cool us on a hot day. But where cats are concerned, it only drives them crazy with delight. They look a little silly as well as funny as they turn over and over to sniff and savour its mystifying magic!

This book advises not to boil it too much, but just infuse it and it will also help to cure nervous tension and headaches. An adult dose of catnip tea would be two or three tablespoonful at a time as needed. Children’s doses should be two or three teaspoonful of the infusion, made with one ounce of leaves to a pint of hot water.


Since rats are said to be repelled by  catnip it might be a good plant to grow around grain crops!

Pics and text: daksha

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