The day wore its Polyester Dress….



What an irksome dress this day had decided to wear,

Made of hateful polyester, stained with stale oil, and

Crammed with those most important issues dangling

Like a broken telephone line, strangling the soul

and squirming around it like malevolence screeching

songs of searing serpentine savage slinking chaos

then as I stepped out into the garden, time trembled

with tenderness and a startling burnishing of blue!

The Raat Ki Rani (the White Queen) which had been

Infested with powdery white pests a month ago.

Now stood with all its leaves washed clean of the bugs

With just 20 ml from that ancient, cracked bottle of

Neem oil mixed with a spoonful of detergent, in a

Bucket of water, which lasted for around ten washes!

Three years too old, way past its use before date, neem had

Worked so well that magic itself was jealous and glared

As the very small white flowers that give out their

Awesome scent every night, under twilight had arrived!

Blue burgeoned into the day which tore off the polyester

And went for the cotton caress of limpid, lustrous sapphire

Poem and text: daksha


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