I recommend snoozing over reading…


I would definitely recommend

The joys of snoozing over reading

Sparing you the expense of cash

For buying books and then the added

costs of spectacles, bookshelves!

But on the other hand the

Bookworms of the world say that

Books wind around your heart and

Sneak inside the soul, paper the

Dark corners of loneliness with the

Comforting camellias of companionship

and the wondrous wealth of wisdom!

pic and text: daksha

8 thoughts on “I recommend snoozing over reading…

    1. thank you. yesterday I found out that besides The Escape Artist he also acted in another series called The Politician’s Husband. The first one got bad reviews though. His favourite political tv series in the West Wing and so is mine!


      1. I thought The Politician’s Husband was very good, but I have never seen West Wing. I watched the first two episodes of The Tunnel which is currently being shown on tv here. It is an adaptation of the Swedish crime series, The Bridge. Have you had a chance to watch the series?


      2. oh I am glad. I watched a bit of The Bridge and then it was stopped. so I can catch up with it now. I like the Swedish dark thrillers! West Wing was superb. I am watching an Australian series called The Core which is very gripping. It is nice to watch an Aussy series! I also loved The Sopranos!


      3. It hasn’t come to my Netflix here. How sad! I would have liked that. Have you seen a British BBC comedy called The Thick of It? It is a political hard hitting comedy that is even funnier than The Office! Made by the same person who is making Veep in the USA. Armando something his name is.


  1. The thick of it is very very excruciatingly funny! everyone is hilarious which is a tough job to do and it is done intelligently and pitilessly exposes politicians and their follies. it is one of those 100 things to do before you die!


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