lemony and spinach green notebook


The lemon and spinach green notebook

Of eco friendly habits


  1. Marigold tagetes are very good for fighting aphids around your flowers. Their lemony scent also stops dogs and cats from jumping on your flowering borders. Greenfly too are fooled by marigolds and keep away.
  2. About four pounds of elderberry or rhubarb leaves boiled with one gallon of water for one and a half hours makes a superb organic pesticide. Add a teaspoon of ordinary soft soap, so the mixture will remain on leaves, and use as a thin liquid spray against aphids.
  3. Plant nasturtiums. The climbing nasturtiums have edible flowers but are also good for attracting blackflies away from your cucumbers. The pests will be lured to the back of the nasturtium leaves, so your vegetables are safe from them.
  4. Grow by the moon. Sowing seeds before a new moon encourages root growth because there is a stronger gravitational pull to the earth. Transplanting and cutting at the time of a full moon encourages better leaf development and the properties of herbs and vegetables are said to be richer.

From: 1,001 ways to save the Planet. Bernadette Vallely.


Pics: daksha



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