Would you dare to cook the tulip?

The Tulip & Green Bean dish!


The tulip is such a gorgeous flower that one can’t imagine eating it! And yet, like the radiant rose, this flower too is edible says Cathy Wilkinson Barash in her book Edible Flowers From Garden To Palate.


Tulips are pampered extravagantly by the rainbow and come in startling colours to dazzle us. Says the writer that every tulip has a different flavor! But generally it has a pea or bean flavor! And one she tasted in a garden in Philadelphia tasted just like a sugar snap pea! Sometimes it tastes like a green apple!


In her book there is a simple recipe to make sautéed beans with tulips! You need one pound string beans, stringed and ends cut off. One tablespoon sesame oil and petals of 5 tulips, cut into small pieces.


Steam string beans until they turn bright green and are crispy-tender. Heat oil in a large frying pan or wok over a medium high heat. Add beans and toss to coat with oil. Let cook for several minutes, stirring often. Then add tulip petals and serve immediately! The flavor of the tulips complements the green beans, while the color of the petals brightens the otherwise plain looking vegetables!

toto 337.jpg

Her book has several other tulip recipes to make salads, pan cakes, etc. It was a Nominee for the Julia Child cookbooks award!


I don’t think I would have the nerve to cook this very gorgeous flower, and also it does not grow in my City!



Pics and text: Daksha


toto 259.jpg

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