Remember to give only GREEN GIFTS!


  1. 1.Don’t give mass produced flowers! Often the beautiful bunch of roses or exotic orchids, tulips etc. you buy in a florists, was grown in a greenhouse in the other side of the world at a huge environmental and social cost. Why not grow your own flowers to gift? Or give a plant locally grown and sold. It will last much longer than cut flowers and will remind the person of you every single day.
  2. Give to make a difference: Make a present of a year’s membership of an environmental organisation. Environmental organisations rely on their membership to be able to do the work they do. Find such an organisation that has a special relevance for the person receiving your gift. Check out the web for such organisations.
  3. Transform your world with words! Buy and read books, gift them to friends and family.
  4. Never use optical brighteners to wash your clothes. Packets which claim they wash brighter than ‘bright’ or ‘whiter than white’ usually contain optical brighteners that disrupt the ecosystems in rivers because they cannot be broken down. Several washing detergents also contain phosphates, causing algal blooms that deprive river life of oxygen and disrupt treatment processes. Use natural plant based washing products that don’t contain phosphates!

From: Go Mad! 365 daily ways to save the planet.


pics: daksha


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