Silenced by antiquity…..

Silenced by antiquity

albert 859.jpg

The Albert and Victoria Museum has many amazing gifts for the museum lover, but there is one section crammed with antique sacred religious treasures that can hold one spellbound for hours. Equally rich in sacred paintings, stained glass windows, sculpture etc. is the British Museum.


There I discovered this ancient icon from 4th Century AD depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary carrying the Infant Jesus and with her hands enfolding a Nubian Queen! The Queen has on her forehead the sign of a cross and in her hand a purse! It indicates that she was a Christian benefactor of the Cathedral of The Kushite Kingdom of which Faras was a part and fell into decline from the 4th century.

This icon was presented by the President of the Sudan to Archbishop of Canterbury in 1993 to mark the 20th anniversary of the link with the Salisbury Diocese on loan to Salisbury Cathedral.


Pic and text: daksha

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