Don’t buy tuna fish or cat pelts to save the earth!

Don’t buy tuna fish for yourself or for your cat  to save the Earth!


Our purchases are our power to save the earth! A staggeringly large quota of the earth’s resources are being killed due to human greed and commerce.


But we can help in small ways by buying ethically. Too many animals, birds, plants are vanishing almost overnight. Elephants and dolphins are in dire trouble. So don’t buy ivory. The elephant may soon become extinct. More than 6.5 million dolphins have been killed needlessly by tuna fishermen, who use a net to catch an entire school of tuna in which dolphins and other fish get strangled. Anything caught in that net dies.


Simple things to do: don’t buy ivory for any reason. Don’t buy tortoiseshell, coral, reptile skins, cat pelts, or other products from endangered animals or plants.

Boycott all kinds of tanned tuna. Boycotts work: recently Iceland gave up some whaling as a result of a boycott of its fish.


From: 50 simple things you can do to save the earth. The Earth Works Group.


Pics: daksha



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