Give your flowerbeds some coffee!


Did you know that coffee grounds (sugarless) are perfect composting material? This means that they will later turn into fresh, free soil for your garden.

When you have finished with your coffee, don’t tip the contents out into the dustbin. Instead put them in your flower beds and enrich the soil there!

Feed your compost heap with fibre! All your waste paper, cards, tissues, kitchen towels, cereal boxes and egg boxes can be composed! Compost heaps need fibre to keep healthy!


Go Solar! On a cloudy day in Britain a solar roof can generate enough electricity to play 70 episodes of Coronation Street and make 35 cups of coffee! The same magic can work differently and the same in other countries! Just think of CSI episodes in USA and Indian soap operas in India! A one kilowatt solar panel can can save a tonne of CO2 emissions each year!


From: Go M.A.D.! 365 daily ways to save the planet. Go Make a Difference.

pics: daksha


3 thoughts on “Give your flowerbeds some coffee!

  1. Coffee grounds: good advise 🙂
    To go solar is a very expensive, difficult and complex problem in this country: years to get the permission and the certificate, years to pay the expensive solar panels, installation and system!


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