Say no to STYROFOAM!


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The bad news is that Americans produce enough “styrofoam” cups every year to circle the earth 436 times.

Even more depressing, this material is made from benzene (a known carcinogen), converted to styrene and then injected with gases that make a ‘foam’ product. The final result is that they deplete the Earth’s vital ozone layer.

Polystyrene foam is completely non-biodegradable, it just won’t go awat! Even 500 years from now, that foam cup that held your coffee this morning, might be sitting on the Earth’s surface!


This material also takes up a lot of space and wastes enormous amounts of precious space at already-bulging landfills.

Worse, it is deadly to marine life. It floats on ocean surfaces, breaks up into pellets resembling food, and is consumed.

When sea turtles eat “Styrofoam” its buoyancy keeps them from diving; it clogs their systems and they starve to death.

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Simple things to do: Don’t use it. Avoid foam packaging in egg cartons, disposable picnic goods, etc.

If you eat at fast food restaurants, ask for paper cups and plates. Luckily some restaurants are now switching to paper cups and plates.

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From: 50 Simple Things You can Do to Save the Earth. The Earth Works Group.

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