Fall in love with native plants!

Fall in love with Native Plants!

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If you love the environment you must know that native plants need only about half as much water as imported varieties. Xeriscape (from the Greek word Xeros, meaning dry) is a modern approach to landscaping which has become popular due to water shortages.

Experts have now realized that much of the water used in residential gardens went to plants that were not suitable for that area. Tests showed that equally lovely native plants grew healthier and improved the soil.

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Drought resistant plants are not limited to just cacti and succulents. They include hundreds of species of colorful flowers, flowering shrubs, vines and ground covers that provide beautiful alternatives. Consider these: jasmine, bougainvillea, wisteria, sweet akyssum and daffodils are low water use plants. There are many low maintenance grasses too. In Texas, where water can be scarce, the standard Bluegrass needs to be watered every four days. Buffalograss, better adapted to the climate, requires water only every 2-3 weeks.

Bougainvillea home in Bangalore, India

Try some of the eco friendly principles of Xeriscape: drip irrigation, heavy mulching of planting beds, organic soil improvements to allow for better water absorption and retention- are applicable to any garden design. Learn more from your local nursery.


From: 50 simple things you can do to save the earth. The Earth Works Group.

Pics: daksha


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