Rose Bowl for Good Health!

Rose page for good health


  1. Never use plastic in microwaves and avoid using it in fridges.
  2. Heat and cold speed up the process of plastic degradation, accelerating the movement of plastic molecules into food. Who wants to eat plastic for dinner?
  3. Always SNUB – say no to unwanted bags. Take your own shopping bag with you.
  4. Avoid using chemical insect sprays. One squirt of a chemical fly spray, and the toxic gases emitted will stay in the air for 72 hours! Chemicals such as dichlorvos and pyrethrins that are found in the fly sprays also kill bees and aquatic life when their residues enter water systems. Use natural deterrants with lemon, cloves, pine or cedar oils.

From: Go MAD, Go Make a Difference.

pics: daksha




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