Mad Dogs and Roses!

A recipe to startle every rose if it could read!

albert 479.jpg

In the olden days the herbalists went overboard about the health benefits to be squeezed out of roses! The poor lovely rose was boiled, sliced, baked, dried, steamed, and made into oil, to heal the sick! It was also used to treat broken hearts!

Here is a very batty recipe that would surely make the rose sick if it could read!

“The Muske roses both single and double doe purge more forceable than the Damaske and the single is held to be the stronger than the double. Pliny setteth downe in his eighth booke and fourth chapter that the roote of the wilde Rose is singular good to cure the biting of the mad Dogge.

The fruit of the wilde Briere which are called heppes being thorough ripe and made into a conserve with Sugar according to the manner of divers other fruits, beside that it is very pleasant to the taste, doth gently binde the belly, and stayeth the defluxions from the head upon the stomacke, and dryeth up the moisture thereof, and helpeth digestion. With the fruit Cookes and their Ladies and Mistresses doe know how to prepare many fine dishes for their tables.”


From: Theatrum Botanicum, 1640: John Parkinson.

How many of these remedies worked we will never know. Only one thing is certain: all those roses with their gentle beauty would have warmed the hearts of the patients, if not healed them of their ailments!



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