Rosy recipes & Wrinkle Creams!

Rose Rambles in the Wrinkle Cream Circus


Every other year or even every year, yet another Hollywood beauty, or even a Bollywood beauty from India, has entered that zone where beauty products increase in number and hair coloring becomes more frequent. These winsome ladies then begin to advertise for one or the other wrinkle cream product or the very best hair dye!


But a recent study suggested that people with wrinkled faces were 90 per cent less likely to get basal-cell carcinoma (BCC) the most common form of skin cancer, even though they had the same amount of sun exposure as cancer victims!


From ancient days to the present day, it has been repeatedly shown that diet and exercise, and plain happiness can significantly affect the skin and its tendency to wrinkle better than any wrinkle cream, made from chemicals or the so called ‘herbal’ ones.


Researchers from Monash University in Australia studied the diets of 453 people (aged 70 years and over from Australia, Greece and Sweden) to find out if particular foods either predicted or were associated with skin-wrinkling. The findings strongly suggest that a high intake of fruit, vegetables and fish as well as certain healthy fats can reduce skin wrinkling! (from: What’s in this stuff? Pat Thomas.


Pics and text: daksha





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