Try this Easiest Rose Potpourri!

IMG_2311.JPGIf you have an army of rose plants in your garden you might like to try making this easy rose potpourri!

  1. Three cups dried rosebuds.
  2. half teaspoon dry mint leaves.
  3. half teaspoon coarse ground cloves.
  4. half teaspoon coarse ground cinnamon.
  5. half teaspoon coarse ground allspice.
  6. one and a half teaspoon ground orrisroot
  7. 3 drops oil of roses


Combine the rosebuds, mint, and spices in a bowl. Mix in the orrisroot powder and the oil of roses. Seal tight and set to cure in a warm, dry dark place for six weeks. Shake gently every day. Transfer to small attractive containers, or to a single large bowl with a lid. It must be kept covered always, and the lid removed and the contents stirred up just before you want to scent a room.Leave off the lid while using the room, then re-cover the potpourri at once.

From: Potpourris and Other Fragrant Delights. Jacqueline Heriteau.


pics: dakshaangel zone.jpg

2 thoughts on “Try this Easiest Rose Potpourri!

  1. I have three roses plants, now it’s too hot for flowers, but as soon as roses flourish again, in September, I will try these potpourri 🙂
    Thank you for your interesting post!


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