The Rose Bowl of good Food Rules!

Read this book to become a healthy food shopper!


Finding a small booklet called Food Rules by Michael Pollan, an internationally acclaimed journalist, is like finding a brand new rose in the garden having braved my five wicked cats to come up there!


This book Food Rules An Eater’s Manual is a small treasure chest of valuable advice. It is written with his usual wit, humor and simplicity. Consider this: Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants!


Here this rose page will list some of my top favorites, though every tip is invaluable.

  1. The first tip that I found very useful even came out of this dedication to his mother! It says For my mother, who always knew butter was better for you than margarine! I switched happily to butter after reading this!
  2. Avoid food products containing ingredients that no ordinary human would keep in the pantry. Ethoxylated diglycerides? Cellulose? Xanthan gum? Calcium proionate? Ammonium sulfate? He says whether or not these additives pose a proven hazard to your health, many of them haven’t been eaten by humans for very long, so they are best avoided!
  3. albert 425.jpg
  4. Avoid food products that contain high-fructose corn syrup. He says don’t fall for the food industry’s latest scam: products reformulated to contain “no HFCS” or “real cane sugar”. These claims imply these foods are somehow healthier, but they’re not. Sugar is sugar. It is also highly processed.
  5. Avoid foods that are pretending to be something they are not. Imitation butter – aka margarine – is the classic example. To make nonfat products requires a lot of processing, and should be avoided.
  6. Avoid food products that make health claims! Don’t forget that margarine, one of the first industrial foods to claim it was more healthful than the traditional food it replaced, turned out to contain transfats that give people heart attacks.
  7. Avoid food products containing ingredients that a third-grader cannot pronounce! Keep it simple!

These are a few of the many good things inside this tiny book.

This New York Times Bestseller should be in every kitchen shelf. It will not only make you a think as you shop, it will probably coax you to cook more and buy less ready made foods!


Besides reading this book it would be great to know of a few healthy home made remedies using food products. Did you know that yoghurt is very effective in treating diarrhea in children, it tends to lower blood cholesterol and is rich in calcium!


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