Rose Bowl of White Sugar remedies!

Rose Page for good food and white sugar remedies!


Here are some more simple sensible invaluable tips for healthy eating from Food Rules An Eaters Manual by Michael Pollan. He is an acclaimed journalist and writer.

  1. Avoid foods you see advertised on television. Remember that only the biggest food manufacturers can afford to advertise their products on television. More than two thirds of food advertising is spent promoting processed foods and alcohol so it would be wise to avoid them.
  2. Shop carefully in supermarkets, stay out of the middle! Processed foods dominated the centre aisles of the stores! Bogus health claims and faulty food science have made supermarkets particularly dangerous places to shop for real food! The edges of the store usually keep the real food! But still, keep checking the labels carefully! Remember to avoid scary alien sounding words that don’t make any sense to you!
  3. This is very interesting! Eat foods made from ingredients that you can picture in their raw state or growing in nature! Can you imagine when reading the ingredients on a package of Twinkies or Pringles, what those ingredients would look like raw? Or in the place where they grow? You can’t! This rule will keep unhealthy food out of your diet!
  4. pelican 133.jpg

The irony is that while white sugar is bad for us, it is also used as a home remedy by the Chinese!

Henry C. Lu in his very interesting book Chinese System of Food Cures says that white sugar can be used to cure dry cough, thirst and stomachache! He says “boil 3 spoonfuls sugar in one glass rice wine over low heat. Drink it to relieve a tight sensation in the abdomen!

  1. Mix sugar with red dates and chew 2 dates after meals like chewing gum to relieve a dry cough.
  2. Boil sugar in water to make concentrated syrups to treat stomachache, abdominal discomfort caused by eating fish and crabs, and bad breath caused by eating garlic and onion!




Pics and text: daksha


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