The Rose Platter for Supermarket tips

Now we come to a very simple and yet absolutely essential tip from Food Rules An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan, a writer who always engages me with his sound sense and exquisite writing.


This tip is hard to follow: get out of the supermarket whenever you can! It is better to go to the Farmer’s Market where you will find fresh, whole food harvested at the peak of their taste and nutritional quality – precisely the kind your great grandmother would easily recognise as food!

I remember this wonderful little booklet whenever I buy take away food from somewhere, bring it home and wonder why I feel somewhat glum after having it! Recently I bought chicken nuggets for my 86 year old friend, who loves them, and being vegetarian I could only buy the french fries at that very popular take away place.


But the fries were so terrible it was like eating something dried up and old and forgotten from my fridge! And then I had to also admit that the french fries at Mac Donald’s were heaven compared to the ones I had got!

Well, the next tip is: buy your snacks at the Farmer’s Market! Instead of chips and sweets you will be nibbling fresh or dried fruits and nuts. Real Food!


pics: daksha4girls

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