The Rose Platter offers Crisp Violet Salad for Eating Less!

The Rose Platter Serves Crisp Violet Salad!


Today we will consider the not so easy tip to follow from Food Rules An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan.


He recommends what almost all cultures specify: stop eating before you are full and eat only when you are hungry, not when you are bored! Eat slowly, and take as long to eat, as the time it took to make the meal.


Then buy smaller plates and glasses! I was surprised to learn from this book that the bigger the portion, the more we will eat – upward of 30 per cent more!


Fill up your plate generously and then don’t go back for more!


And here is a small way to add Vitamin C and A to your salad. Make a spinach and potato, or a egg and vegetable salad or any salad of your choice. Then take a cup of fresh violet / pansy flowers crisped in ice water and dried. Arrange them on top of your salad! The flowers will paint your salad prettily and make it healthy and tasty too.


Pics: daksha

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