The Rose Platter says: avoid snacking with your car!

The rose platter says avoid snacking with your car!


We all love a snack, too often while we are watching our favourite television serial or a gossip with friends. And too many snacks are laden with salt, fat and sugar! Here are more good tips for healthy eating from Food Rules An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan. He says “if you are going to snack, try to limit yourself to fruits, vegetables and nuts.”


And this is really very important! He tells us not to get our fuel from the same place our car does! Gas stations everywhere now are making more money selling snacks, soft drinks and cigarettes, than gas! We are being bombarded with highly processed snack foods and very sweetened soft drinks in hefty packages! Don’t eat alongside your car’s lunch!


And here is a very simple healthy remedy for a headache using aloe vera from a herbal healer. She says to apply the pulp of the aloe vera to your forehead.


She also recommends the white shoe flower or hibiscus to treat ulcers in the mouth. Roast some white shoe flowers, mix them with curds and take for two weeks. It is also a good source of vitamin B complex.


Pics and text: daksha

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