The Rose Platter says: Grow your own vegetable garden!

You can even plant a window box if you have limited space!


If you want to eat well and keep slim, here is another very useful tip from Food Rules An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan. He tells us to plant a vegetable garden or even a window box if you lack space.


Growing your own food enriches your relationship with food and eating. Growing your own vegetables, spending time outside, with nature, tending to your own soil, watering hoeing etc. is cheering work and keeps you away from fast foods and quick unhealthy shopping for over salted or sugary snacks.

And when you eat what your garden yields, you will be eating fresh organic food without chemicals in it! It will be the freshest, most nutritious, produce available. It will make you exercise to get it, take you outdoors and away from television! You will save money as well!

According to the National Gardening Association a seventy-dollar investment in a vegetable garden will yield six hundred dollars’ worth of food) and that alone should be worth the effort!


Besides growing vegetables I grew ginger in my garden. Whenever I caught a cold I used to buy up pills for treating it, spending more than Rs. 50 for them, besides which they made me drowsy, clogged my nose, and took seven days to remove the cold. A cup of ginger tea, using a one inch piece of fresh ginger, boiled for eight minutes, to make a cup of ginger tea, taken thrice daily, cured me within three days. If I took the tea immediately, when the cold began, it took a day to heal. It was totally free, and the tea tasted delicious!

pics and text: daksha





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