The Rose Platter says: COOK!

 Cook your own food


Here is the final interesting tip from this small gem of a booklet I picked up at a book fair which tells us how to eat wisely and well. ‘’Cook” says Food Rules An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan.


When you let other people cook for you, you lose control over your eating life. Cooking for yourself keeps you away from food scientists and food processors, advertisers and their highly processed, salted and sugary products. Cooking is also fun and engages you in its simple, innocent joys. It is as therapeutic as painting, photography, gardening etc. and can whisk you out of a bad mood, a headache or boredom etc.


Cooking also saves you money. The book ends on a cheering note, reminding you that it is okay to break the rules once in a while! Eat out, gobble up your favorite unhealthy snacks, the chips and the ice cream as you watch television or chat with friends, but do it in moderation!



Pics: daksha


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