Don’t buy mass produced flowers!

Rose Platter: don’t give mass produced flowers


The gorgeous bunch of roses you buy in a supermarket has probably been grown in a greenhouse the other side of the world at a huge cost to the environment. In Colombia, with a flower industry worth 600 million $, two thirds of flower workers suffer from illnesses caused by pesticide exposure. One-fifth of the chemicals used there are toxins, the use of which is restricted in the US! The treasured lake Naivasha in Kenya is rapidly being drained into the surrounding flower farms and polluted with pesticides.


How about growing your own flowers instead? Or give a plant, a lovely Rex Begonia, (Begonias too are at risk today and by buying one you are helping the earth) an ivy, a dahlia or a fern. Give catnip to a friend who has cats, or even a spider plant which cats too will appreciate!

Pics and text: daksha



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