Fertilize your lawn the chemical free way!

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Fertilize your lawn the chemical free way!


According to the Lawn Institute, if you leave it alone, your grass will convert organic matter into nutrients to keep the lawn growing! Grass clippings themselves are a good source of free fertilizer. They can provide up to one-half of the nitrogen needed by a lawn.


Leave your grass clippings on the chemical-free lawn: they will decompose almost immediately. Chemical fertilizers slow the activity of decomposers- earthworms, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms – and stall the breakdown of clippings, causing thatch. The only time you should remove clippings are when converting from a chemical system, after the first mowing in the spring to help the grass green up, and after the last fall mowing to reduce the chance of disease.

Also, remove grass clippings whenever you cut off more than one-half of the top growth.


Synthetic fertilizers slow down and even kill off biological processes. The dead roots don’t break down, the lawn gets ‘’soft’’ and there’s excessive runoff, forcing you to water and fertilize more frequently.

From: Save our Planet by Diane MacEACHERN.

Pics: daksha



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