Rose Platter for Lazy Composting!

albert 352.jpg

Want to try out some LAZY Composting?


If you would rather watch Netflix all day, or eat potato chips, or bake a coconut cake all day, and yet feel this little guilty nudge to help the environment, you can try out this lazy way to grow fresh soil. You will also be keeping your rich green rubbish out of the landfill.


Locate your compost pile in a place where you plan to plant the next season. Cover it with a carpet, plastic sheet or straw and let nature’s helpers do the work! After 6 to 12 months, remove the cover and plant in your now nutrient-rich garden soil. Then move to the next stop and put your next compost pile to bed!

From: Backyard Composting by John Roulac.

pics: daksha



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