The Rose Platter with Citrus Scents

The Rose platter and Citrus Peel


Citrus peelings can go into your compost bin. But here are some tips to use them in special ways!

The rinds from lemons, tangerines, limes, oranges and grapefruits are fragrant and tasty. They turn into nice eco friendly jobs.


Sweet air: Citrus peels are a natural air freshener. Put them in a warm oven or toss them onto a wood fire. The citrus oils, released by the heat, will fill the house with their sweet scent!


Zest: seasonings made from citrus peelings are called zest because they add just that to the food. Use the colored outer layer of the rind – the white part is bitter so avoid it. Grate citrus rinds fresh for cookies, cakes, puddings, sauces, fruit salads, rice and main dishes.

To preserve the zest spread it on a cookie sheet and leave it in a warm oven for an hour or so. Powder the dried rind and store it in a tightly capped spice bottle.


Boil a lemon or two halved in very hot water for a few minutes. Leave it overnight. The next day use a sponge to splash it generously over your cats if they have fleas. The fleas will vanish and not return for a very long time. They hate citrus scents.


Pics and text: daksha



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