Rose Platter for Using Coffee Grounds

Rose Platter for Using up your Coffee Grounds!


Coffee grounds can and must be composted along with your vegetable peels, eggshells etc. but they should be sugarless.

Plant Pick-me-up: Your houseplants will freshen up with a light sprinkling of coffee grounds on top of the soil.

Odor eater: coffee grounds absorb odors, so they can be used to freshen up smelly places. Dry the grounds by spreading them out on a cookie sheet and leaving it in a warm oven. Then set a can of grounds in the refrigerator or sprinkle some in the cat box!


Dyeing for coffee: used coffee grounds will give you a warm brown dye for fabric or paper. Soak the grounds in water for an hour to get the best color, then filter carefully through a strainer lined with cloth. Try using a coffee tint on homemade stationery or use it to dye old lingerie a sexy shade of beige!


From: Re/Use by Carolyn Jabs

Pics: daksha


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