Rose Platter for Brighter Silver!


Rose Platter for making your silver glitter!


Did you know that the juice from banana skins makes a wonderful silver polish? Cut the hard ends off the skins and put the soft parts in the food processor. Rub the banana peel puree on your silver and watch it shimmer!


Many people throw away moldy, old fruit. But it should go into your compost bin. Fruit that is over ripe can still be used in the kitchen. One solution is to cook the fruit into a sweet sauce to use over desserts and ice creams. Peel the fruit, remove cores, pits, and bad spots. Puree in a food processor and add sugar to taste. Serve the topping warm or cold, with a dollop of whipped cream. You can also add some coco powder, coconut powder, rose butter, etc. for more interesting icings.


To make flower sugar: pound sugar and minced petals in a mortar, cover and let stand for a week. Sift, if desired, and store in an airtight container. Roses and violets are the usual favourites but for a change you can try lemon geranium or even marigold!


Pics and text: daksha



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