The Rose Platter has Pearly Egg Shells!

Rose Platter has Useful Egg Shells


Did you know that egg shells can help you to deal with a nasty stain? When your china or glassware is stained with coffee or other foods, clean it by soaking in a vinegar and eggshell bath!


Plant breakfast: egg shells are rich in the same minerals that make bone meal so valuable in the garden. Always add egg shells to your compost bin. You can even dry them in the oven, crush them with a rolling pin and sprinkle the powder around your house plants. You can also add powdered eggshells to dog or cat food as a calcium supplement!


Pearly white egg shells are a great boon for making decorations. Let the shell dry for several days. Then decorate with paint, dye, or felt tip markers. Then string them together like giant pearls!


From: Re/Uses by Carolyn Jabs.

Pics: daksha

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