Your cat can compost her hair too!

Rose Platter for composting your cat’s hair and yours plus rose petals!


When we compost kitchen wastes and other things, not only do we help the environment but we also get unexpected bonuses from it sometimes! You can find some vegetables coming up in your compost, when you least expected it and you will have some fresh food from your efforts!

If everybody composted their kitchen and garden wastes, we could reduce our worldwide garbage problem by billions of tons per year! Did you know that your hair can go into the compost pile? Even better, that your cat can compost as well by letting you use all that hair she drops so richly?!!!


Human and cat hair are good for the compost bin. Your hairbrush too collects enough hair that should be saved for composting. When your cat sheds hair don’t whine about it. Instead just compost it! Any pet hair is compostable _ dog, rabbit, gerbil, whatever.


Everything from bean stalks to tomato vines to rose petals can become good fresh new soil from your compost. Don’t forget to add the old, discarded house plant as well!


From: 2 Minutes a day for a Greener Planet. Marjorie Lamb



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