Kill ants to fight aphids!


Kill ants to control aphids on plants!


Do you get mad when aphids choose to eat up your roses, make horrid holes in them, turn them yellow, sickly and wounded? Get ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies. They love aphids and will gobble them up greedily!


Ants are also the enemy of your plants because they ‘create’ aphids! This is because ants love the sticky, sweet substance called honey dew produced by the aphids, and they feed on them. They even protect aphids for this sweet dew. So when you kill ants you reduce the aphid population on your plants!


Foil as mulch also seems to confuse aphids and repel them.


Grow trap crops like nasturtiums, aster, and chrysanthemums to fight aphids!


The nasturtium comes from Peru and arrived in Europe in1686. It is a pretty little flower that will grow in the most difficult terrain! It is scented and edible! Gardeners and cooks love this flower’s peppery taste and use it for salads and other dishes. It is nutritious and high in Vitamin C! It has a herbal penicillin content that might ward off infections say John E. Bryan & Coralie Castle in their book The Edible Ornamental Garden.



They say you can fill the flowers with a salad or a cream cheese-pineapple mixture to accompany an hors d’oeuvre tray. Chop seeds and/or flowers into raw salads for texture, taste and color!


Pics and text: daksha

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