Rose Platter:Give a present of your TIME?

Rose Platter: Give a present of your time!


For a birthday, a wedding, a special event of any kind, try giving a brand new present – not a book, a watch, a dress, or a car, but your precious time!


Arrange for yourself and a friend or a sister, brother, aunt, mother etc. to go to the theatre for a wonderful play or a movie, or a sporting event? There is no wrapping involved, no waste of time buying something the other person may not like, and it will be far more personal, more caring, to enjoy one another’s company!


You could even give a recycled gift! It does not mean to dump some reject from your great aunt or something you want to be rid of! Instead it can be  a lovely gift you can make yourself. Perhaps you can grow a beautiful plant for that person if he or she likes gardening and greenery. Or you can check out the net for endless solutions for making recycled gifts.


From: Go M.A.D. 365 ways to save the planet. The Ecologist.

Pics: daksha



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