Rose Platter: use milk to corner pests!

The Rose Platter: try milk to kill your pests!


Are you willing to be a real organic gardener who is ready to squash pests on your plants with your finger and thumb? The aphid will only leave a slightly sticky patch on your fingers says Roger Grounds in his book The Natural Garden. It leads you the organic way to a healthier garden.



Since aphids come in huge clusters try water. Squirt it directly at the bugs under high pressure! Use the hose or a sprayer. Do this water scare daily for a week on affected plants. It works.


If it does not there is an even more stronger garden soldier! It is milk! He says to use this in the same way as the water! He says it is even more powerful because it clogs the pores of the bugs, they cannot breathe and die of suffocation!


Stage three will involve using vegetable oil! Corn oil, sunflower seed oil, mixed vegetable cooking oil, all work. Use them the same way as water and they will kill pests the same way as milk!




Pics: daksha


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