The Rose Platter: lure some butterflies!

Rose Platter: bring back butterflies!



If you grow marigolds, zinnias, chrysanthemums, dahlias.hollyhocks and hibiscus in your garden, or even on your roof top or balcony you will bring back the butterflies to earth! There are many species now in the list of vanishing treasures! All these flowers are easy to grow and lure butterflies rapidly!


Plant in a bottle or a big bowl: jars, jugs, mugs, bowls, bottles make adorable planters! The best and friendliest plants that love to grow inside them are: ivies of all types, the friendly philodendron (that seems to almost come up overnight in my home) the Creeping Charlie, and the Wandering Jew which also grows in plain water and looks beautiful. If you are mad about cats, never forget to plant the spider plant wherever you can and watch your cat lured there like an angel answering your prayers!


Spider Plant and a cat thankfully not declawed!


Pics: daksha

philodendron happily living inside a cracked old tea kettle!

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