For happiness: Remember!

For happiness: Remember!


One easy way to lure happiness is to remember! Some of the richest jewels of our lives live deep inside our hearts and when we recall them, we feel rich.


David Niven says in his book The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People that recalling past happiness has the powerful ability to bring us happiness in the present!


Digging into our memory box also brings us other gifts like ideas to help our writing, luring new stories and poems into our stock. The book tells us a very cheering story about Neil, a poor man struggling to survive in America where he went in a boat when he was 14. He worked hard for the Mayor.


Years later he was walking towards town on his wedding day wearing a frayed suit. Then he met the Mayor who would not allow him to marry in old clothes. He rushed him to the tailor’s shop which was closed. He got it opened and made sure Neil had a wedding day that he would never forget!


When people consciously choose to look back, 80 per cent tend to focus on very positive memories!

When I was just out of college, I was riding a bus in which a creepy man  next to me  began to nudge me with his left hand, and to pretend he was not being a creep. I was carrying a very thick huge book in my lap. It was Virginia Woolf’s set of four diaries and was very heavy! I began to stab him with the massive tome  every time he nudged me. Other people began to watch and laughed loudly! He quickly began to behave himself and several months later I wrote a short piece about this cheering help from Virginia Woolf herself which made lots of people laugh when they read it in the town’s newspaper!

pics: daksha





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