Rose Platter’s cruelty free beauty products for real elegance!

Rose Platter’s Safe Facials


You can make your own facial masks from natural ingredients. Oatmeal and ground almonds both make good scrubs. They help degrease oily skin.

Aerosol hair spray sold in Canada no longer contains CFC’s.

When buying creams, lotions and oils, look for cruelty free brands listed in The Canadian Green Consumer Guide.


This Guide says that Avon the world’s largest cosmetics company, is a major donor to the work of the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing in Baltimore, Maryland.


Avon stopped all animal testing on its products in June 1989. So buy Avon products without feeling guilty or bad.


The livers of harpooned basking sharks are used to produce a refined oil called

squalene, which has a low freezing point. A single basking shark can produce 1000 litres of oil. It is used for several cosmetic products including cosmetic face creams! So avoid products made by companies using this bestial, brutal, wicked, inhuman method. Who wants to be pretty at this cost?!

pics and text: daksha


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