Rose Platter’s messages to your HAIR!

Rose Platter’s hair dye messages


Never buy hair dyes with scary sounding names on their bottles!



Hair dyes have always been considered high risk cancer causing products for women. But instead of being discarded by consumers, even men have started using them regularly!


If you must dye, then don’t do it too often, says Pat Thomas in a very useful book called What’s in this stuff? The Essential Guide to what’s really in the products you buy. Always read the label when you choose a hair dye. Leave hair dye on the head for the minimum required time. Hair dyes made entirely from plant-based ingredients are the safest choice and they also condition the hair.


Avoid products which use colors like Acid Orange 87, Solvent Brown 44, Acid Blue 168 and Acid Violet 73 as these are carcinogenic, the writer says! The names sound like something out of a chilling science fiction thriller!


The safer hair dyes should not contain phenylenediamines though many so called natural hair colors do!


Pics: daksha

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