Rose Platter: Air Fresheners are not your best friends!

Rose Platter: Air Fresheners are not your Best Friends!




Synthetic air fresheners are bad news. In 1999, a British survey of 14,000 pregnant women concluded that the frequent use of household aerosol sprays and air fresheners was making women and babies ill.

The study reported in New Scientist, found that women who used aerosols and air fresheners most days suffered 25 per cent more headaches and 19 per cent more post-natal depression than those who used them less than once a week.


Even worse news, babies under six months had 30 per cent more ear infections and more frequent diarrhoea if regularly exposed to aerosols and air fresheners.

Then in 2005, this study was updated with even more unpleasant notes: chemicals present in many aerosols were associated with the ‘’sick building syndrome” which could now be moving into homes!


You don’t need air fresheners. Make your own spray using equal amounts of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Add 20 to 30 drops of any essential oil such as lemon, geranium or rose oil.


From: What’s In This Stuff? Pat Thomas.

pics: daksha


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