Rose Platter serves:The Slow Food Movement!

Rose Platter recommends: The Slow Food habit!


Only Italy could have thought of something so wonderful! It was The Slow Food movement which started in Italy in 1986 as an act of resistance against fast food. It has expanded globally to 100 countries and now has more than 90,000 members in the US, Europe, Japan and elsewhere!


It believes that processed fast food is eroding the way of life that revolves around the producing and eating of great food in a relaxed, sociable way.

You can join the Slow Food movement even in your own personal life by taking control of how you live, work and eat. The Slow Food movement protects traditional foods that are dying out due to fast foods.

Here are ways to start:

  1. eat the best quality you can afford. Avoid junk foods, and especially keep them away from children.
  2. Eat freshly prepared. Frozen foods are convenient but lose vital nutrients and could be stale.
  3. Using your microwave less will also improve the quality of your food!
  4. Eat natural. If it comes in a box, tub, or tray or jar, avoid it.
  5. Eat seasonally. It is cheaper and healthier.
  6. adore
  7. Eat slowly. Between a burger bar, or the local eatery, choose the eatery. Instead of wolfing down your food before the computer, go to the local park and eat there.
  8. Try to sit down and enjoy your meal with a family member or a friend.
  9. Eat what you like and be guided by your taste buds. As you change your eating habits, moving away from processed foods and fast foods, you will begin to crave for real, good, nutritious food!


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